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  • Have you seen this weed? Bluebell Creeper

    Bluebell Creeper (Sollya, Billiadiera heterophylla) is an extremely invasive weed in woodlands and forests. The climber smothers native plants, out-competing them for sunlight and strangling them with their twining stems. Bluebell creeper also contains toxins that can irritate the skin and cause nausea. GWLAP and the Prospect Hill Bushland Group

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  • Protecting Prospect Hill Bushland for the future

    Neale Dyster and Angela Neville weren’t looking for such a large property in 2012, but their 100-acre home in Prospect Hill has become so important to them that they wish to protect it into the future and have placed it under a Heritage Agreement. Approximately 85 % of Neale and

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