How to control Prickly WoNS

WoNS = Weeds of National Significance.

WHERE: Strathalbyn Natural Resource Centre.

WHEN: Thursday 22nd June 10am to 4pm. Lunch and morning tea provided.

PRESENTER:  Phil Barron

AFRICAN BOXTHORN | OPUNTIOID CACTI | GORSE | BLACKBERRY are all Weeds of National Significance that CAN be controlled effectively.

Phil Barron is one of GWLAPs most trusted contractors when it comes to weed control.

Phil will share his knowledge and practical experience, gained over many years of working in the field.

This one-day workshop will run in a structured format that will leave you with a plan to control these tough invasive weeds on your own property. Topics include:

  • Strategic Weed Management
  • Defining the problem; risk assessment, distribution/entry/spread pathways
  • Developing a plan; management options, timing, implementation
  • Where to get further information

This information session will be of interest to all landholders with prickly WoNS on their property.

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For more information contact:
Jacqui Wilson, Community Engagement Project Officer | 08 8536 5617 | 0400 036 843 |

This project is supported by the SA Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and the NRM Levy