GWLAP Chairperson

Keith Parkes

Keith has held the role of Chair of GWLAP Board of Management since 2013. Keith is committed to maintaining a proactive and imaginative management team with a focus on strong corporate governance standards.

Bruce Brooks

Bruce lives on the Finniss River where he and his wife have a small olive grove and raise sheep and steers. Bruce is secretary of the Finniss Catchment Group, a very active and productive landcare group. Bruce was previously a meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology.

Barry Lincoln

Barry has a special interest in governance and organisational development and is a long term member of the GWLAP Board of Management. Barry has been working in the natural resource management sector for over 13 years and has also enjoyed working with indigenous peoples around the world.

Merri Tothill

Merri has had a keen and active interest in the management of the Australian environment since the early 1980s, including working in Landcare; River Murray land use management and arid zone natural resource management across Australia.

Derek Fenton

Derek has been concerned about environmental damage, particularly increased carbon in the atmosphere for over 30 years. He works at developing resilience; in our young people through Operation Flinders, and in our natural environment, through the Finniss Catchment Group

Harry Seager

Harry was the Chair of the GWLAP Board of Management for 6 years and oversaw a period of strong growth in the organisation. Harry has significant experience in the natural resource management sectore having worked in local action planning for 9 years.

Margaret Wilksch

Margaret is a long term supporter of the Goolwa to Wellington LAP and has worked as a member of the Board of Management ,including in the position of Treasurer, for more than 10 years.

Anne Welsh

Anne has a keen interest in natural resource management and sustainable development and worked in environmental management with various government agencies over the last 40 years. She is actively involved with local groups as secretary of the Macclesfield Bushcare Group and Chairperson of the Flaxley Landcare Group.

Paul Johnston

A teacher for 38 years, Paul now lives near Callington with his wife and both are very involved with the community. They have been restoring their 200 acre property for the last 13 years, gaining extensive on-ground experience in the management of grassy woodlands.

Ian Grosser

Ian has a long history of involvement in conservation, holding positions in many groups including a period as the Vice President of the Conservation Council of SA. Currently, Ian is a councillor on the District Council of Mount Barker where he pursues social and environmental outcomes and more sustainable development.

Tom Bradman

Tom has considerable experience in sustainable agriculture at a policy level (with the Australian Government) as well as on the ground. Tom is currently a full time grazier using holistic management techniques. He is a member of the Fleurieu Beef Group and serves on the Ranges to River NRM Group.

Jo McPhee

Jo has a passion for conservation and sustainable land management and continues to study to improve her already extensive knowledge and skills. Jo has been involved with GWLAP for a number of years through her role as Community Nurseries Network Coordinator for the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth program.