Ross Oke

Before joining GWLAP, Ross planned and managed the SA Urban Forests Biodiversity Program and the Million Trees Program across greater Adelaide. These initiatives included regional biodiversity planning, policy, on-ground work and capacity building with significant investment and involvement from many stakeholders.

Caroline Holloway

Caroline commenced her career in finance in 2002 after 9 years as a practicing paediatric physiotherapist. Caroline has been managing the finances at GWLAP since 2008 and has seen the organisation grow significantly since that time.

Will Miles

Will has been working in the environment sector for more than ten years in roles such as project manager for Green Corps, Environmental Manager for Trail Solutions Australia, Bushcare Coordinator and Project Officer for various GWLAP on ground works projects.

Ben Simon

Ben has been involved in local landcare, developing and implementing on-ground works projects for twenty years. He has achieved significant outcomes working closely with landcare groups and individual landholders. Ben has extensive botanical and vegetation management knowledge in a wide range of vegetation types.

John Gitsham

Before joining GWLAP, John has worked in both private and government roles of the environment sector. John has worked for Earth Sanctuaries and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and DEWNR in roles including Senior Park Ranger, National Parks and Wildlife.

Sherie Bain

Sherie joined GWLAP in 2012 after completing a Masters of Environmental Management, focusing on the impacts of grazing in riparian environments. Sherie has an interest in sustainable agricultural production and has formed some local pastures groups during her time with GWLAP.

Regina Durbridge

Regina Durbridge

Regina has a background in community monitoring and through GWLAP works with the Lower Lakes community on various monitoring projects. Regina has been involved with the Signal Point Riverine Environment Group since 2009 and is a presenter with the Narnu Farm Eco Camp Program.

Leah Hunter

Leah has worked in the Environmental, Agricultural and Tourism sectors for many years. Leah enjoys research and uses her research skills to develop comprehensive revegetation plans for the Lakes Community Revegetation Project that include historical as well as environmental information.

Jacqui Wilson Community Engagement Officer GWLAP

Jacqui Wilson

Jacqui has worked in the environmental field since 1995 in roles including environment officer and revegetation officer. Jacqui believes that community groups in South Australia should be recognised and supported as the frontline delivery agents for the management of our natural resources.