Bat Monitoring!

GWLAP is offering the opportunity to find out what bats are living in your area.

Thanks to Grassroots Grants funding from the Hills and Fleurieu Landscapes Board and the Murraylands and Riverland Landscapes Board, we have three Anabat Bat Detectors that are available for loan.

The Anabat detectors record the high-pitched sounds that microbats make when navigating their surrounds and searching for insects. The sounds are then converted to a sonograph (a graph displaying call frequency and shape) that can be used to identify the species of bat. You will receive a report with some information about the species recorded.

We are particularly interested in involving areas with wetlands and along the River Murray, so please let your river friends know.

To get involved contact Jacqui Wilson ( | 0400 036 843)

This project is supported by the Hills and Fleurieu, and Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Boards’ Grassroots Grants Program, and is funded by the landscape levies.

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