Have you seen our local carpet python?

Did you know native carpet pythons once lived in our area?

Little detail is known about the exact distribution of the non-venomous Murray-Darling Carpet Python, but it is thought it was once wide-spread throughout much of south-east Australia. What we do know is that their range is now limited, and their numbers are dwindling.

There are historic records along the River Murray from Blanchetown to Mannum and inland from Palmer, Rockleigh, Sandleton, Saunders Gorge and Wistow, however these are few and there is limited information.

The Murray-Darling Carpet Python is strikingly beautiful. They have a pattern of silver and black, sometimes maroon and this forms exceptional camouflage. They are quite large with adults averaging 2.4 metres in length and can grow even longer.

These pythons typically live along river margins, often on flood plains and rocky outcrops. They can also be found in the hollows of large River Red Gums and nestled in quiet corners of buildings and sheds, where they happily control vermin.

Being non-venomous they constrict their prey and pose little threat to humans. Murray Darling Carpet Pythons feed on small mammals, frogs, birds and lizards.

The Murray-Darling Carpet Python is threatened due to habitat reduction and division through land clearance, the loss of River Red Gum habitat is continuing to cause decline. It is also thought that predation by foxes and dogs have contributed to their loss.

Mid Murray Landcare SA is currently registering sightings of carpet pythons as part of a citizen science project supported by the SA Murray-Darling NRM Board. If you have seen a carpet python, please report the sighting to sawcarpetpython@internode.on.net or call Aimee Linke on 0427 590 344 to make a verbal report.

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