Green Army

Goolwa to Wellington LAP is currently hosting its 6th Green Army team since the Green Army Programme started in September 2014. GWLAP works with Workskil who deliver the programme in South Australia.

The teams work on local projects on public and private land and make a significant contribution to delivering our 20 Million Trees projects throughout the GWLAP area.

GWLAP Green Army teams have been available for Community Groups to access for on-ground works and have so far assisted the following groups with their projects:

  • Community Nurseries Network
    • Clayton Bay Community Nursery
    • Milang Community Nursery
  • Finniss Catchment Group
  • Macclesfield Bushcare Group
  • Kanmantoo/Callington Landcare Group
  • Flaxley Landcare Group
  • Goolwa Coastcare
  • Angas River Catchment Group
  • Prospect Hill Bushland Group

The teams have tackled issues of environmental significance in the GWLAP area including improving habitat for declining woodland birds, controlling weeds of national significance, and rehabilitating EPBC listed Fleurieu Swamps. The teams have undertaken revegetation to create habitat corridors between patches of remnant vegetation, watercourse rehabilitation and erosion control to enhance ecological resilience of the area.

Some of the tasks undertaken by the Green Army teams include:

  • Woody weed control
  • Sollya heterophylla controlGreen Army seed collection
  • Revegetation
  • Site preparation and maintenance of revegetation
    • Spraying
    • Brushcutting
    • Guard collection
    • Woody weed control
    • Mulching
  • Seed collection
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Bird and frog monitoring
  • Carp control
  • Fencing
  • Weeds mapping
  • Erosion control

The Green Army program provides an opportunity for participants to learn new skills and GWLAP deliver workshops and instruction to the Green Army groups in a whole range of areas including:

  • Bird ID and monitoring
  • Frog ID and monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • How to operate machinery including brush cutters
  • Chemical handling and use
  • Nursery work – plant propagation
  • Plant provenance and habitat structure
  • Timing and techniques of seed collection

Team members gain skills and knowledge from the programme that will be useful in future employment, including:Green Army ash control

  • Learning to work as a team
  • Learning to work with community
  • Experience in a wide range of environmental activities
  • Knowlege about the local environment
  • Conservation and Land Management Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate

So far four Green Army team members have moved to paid positions with GWLAP as part of an on-ground works crew. To of these four have also been employed as site managers for the recently completed Community Revegetation Program.

The value the Green Army teams add to our projects in a time of reduced funding is very welcome. Through their participation it is possible to achieve greater degree of on-ground works that otherwise would not be possible.