Welcome to our new website!

working on new website

As you can see, GWLAP has gone live with a fancy new website.

It has been a long time in the making, but now that it is here we will be making the most of it!

When things don’t quite go to plan…

We first ventured down the path of upgrading our website late last year when we wrote a brief and sent it out for tender. We were excited when a rural based, sole operator came back to us with a plan for exactly what we had in mind. We engaged Tania from BizEez Communications immediately.

Then life threw a spanner in the works for Tania.

On Christmas Day 2014, Tania had a stroke. After a great deal of time in hospital, Tania was released with loss of vision and mobility and in a great deal of pain.

We are very proud to have stuck by Tania as she has worked on our website while also working on getting her life back in order. We are glad we did, she has done a great job. Tania has collaborated with Adam from ADAMiDESIGN to get us up and running.

We are still fiddling around with this site and there are still pages to come. The resources we had on our old site aren’t available right now and we will build a page dedicated to other community groups.

In  the mean time, have a look around, feel free to make any comments through the contacts page – no doubt there are errors here and there that we haven’t noticed yet! Also, while you are here, subscribe to our blog – we will keep you up to date with what has been happening in the Goolwa to Wellington LAP area and let you know about events. You can also tell us about how you would like to get involved with GWLAP through our survey.

Tania is doing a lot better now. She has decided not continue with website design, but Tania is an excellent speaker and we recommend you visit her website to find out more about her online marketing support and training.

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